Monday, October 17, 2011

Exactly what in the world I've been up to lately. Not really, but you get the gist.

No, I haven't been wanking. *coughnotoftenanywaycough* Aaaanyway.... >.> Here's pretty much what happened:

 - I got into a fight with some aggro guy during sport. Results = not pretty. Not on the opposing side, anyway.
 - I have no idea why, but I ended up attending some banquet in a schmancy Incubus/Vampire suit, minus the cape and the wings. I'm not sure just how bad I looked in the suit, or how good, in any case, but it passed off as formal schtuff. At least I think it did.
 - I got up, saw random debates on random sites and started talking about philosophical schtuff - funny how I'm actually pretty good at it. If you're into that, it's going to be like, up for discussion as a 'general interests' topic on the next post.

I shall kind of... elaborate on what I just said. I have no idea why I'm using such a 'big' word but I am so shut up.

Random fight with a random guy - apparently, this guy was a leb. Not saying that there's anything wrong with that. Not of the stereotypical type - this one didn't bother threatening to call his cousins (thank whatever god[dess] is out there) and charged right at me when I said that he didn't have to be a dick about losing the game. He didn't take that very lightly. Yeah. He charged at me and started (failishly, I must say) punching my sides. Didn't work out well for him, though, 'cos that kinda left him open to me grabbing his neck area ._. (who taught this guy how to fight? Like, seriously?) He ended up being almost unconscious before the teacher had to break us up. Teaches him to charge at a guy who's crazy enough to kill :L

To that banquet thing - I think I only agreed to go because there was good food there. I had to dress up smart and fancy and schmancy and stuff - I didn't have any formal wear, so I went in an Incubus suit (not the showy one, one of the really formal Incubus suits... Like a vampire suit but without a cloak and without the fangs.) Like what Elatha wears.

^Something like that suit, except it's black, has no wings, horns or lanterns. Plus, I don't have blonde hair, and I don't look fem at all.
I had to say, the food was AMAZING - at least it wasn't a waste of two hours of my time. Plus, there were quite a few people to talk to, so I wasn't eating the entire time (which is good, I don't want to get FAT ._.)

Uhm... I think that's all? Stay tuned-ish for the next uhm... Weird update. It'd be on general interest/big debates/whatever so yeah.

Bored. As. Fuck.

Again. Yes, for the millionth time, I'm bored as fuck. So are 40321874279560960957432867345675470967 other people across the world. No, I don't know the real figures, I typed the keys on the keyboard randomly. You're probably bored as fuck, too, thus why you're reading this shizzle.

Sorry for not having posted the last 2 or so weeks? I haven't been bored for that long. Well, I have, but this was the only time I managed to grab to write this shizzle. In my next post: exactly what on earth this guy has been up to during the little break. Don't worry, it won't be boring.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things I Hate

I got bored. Anyway, here are a top 5 list of things I absolutely HATE, number 5 being annoying, number 1 being something I hate more than anything else. Shall we start?

5. When Siblings Bother You...

Something I consider to be the most annoying things in life. I swear, my little brother just ENJOYS seeing me get really pissed to the point that I am forced to use actual force to shut him up. And even then, he'd try to annoy me even more. What's worse? He always, always, always, ALWAYS barges in whenever I want privacy.

4. We're All Going To Die

The inevitable fact that we're all going to die anyway. I find it annoying that we don't have as much time on this earth as we would've liked. I mean, I'm fine with the dying part, because I know that if I die, all my problems will disappear with me, and I'll be one less person to worry about. But I'm NOT fine with the fact that we have to leave behind everything we've had up until now. I'm not fine about the bit where everyone has to be sad because of you dying. I'm not fine with the feeling of loss it brings. It's freaking annoying I swear.

3. Pessimism

Let me make this clear. I absolutely HATE this. It's stupid. As you may or may not already know, I'm uh... a blindly optimistic person. Yeah. I look at every possible situation and try to see the good in it. Which is why I hate it when my friends go all pessimistic. It's just so annoying - it feels like they're actually trying to get themselves and everyone else depressed, and that's like, so disturbing o_o

2. Discrimination

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE discrimination. Of any kind. Being a person who has many, many, many differences to his peers, I've faced discrimination - a lot of it. People who discriminate in any way, and I mean discriminate as in acting against someone just because they're different are cowards. Douchebags. BITCHES. A million other different insults in a kajillion languages can describe just how STUPID these people are. Let me just ask them this ONE thing. WHY in the world would you want to make life harder for a person just because they're DIFFERENT? Being different is part of being human. If all of humanity is the same, we won't be humans at all. We'll be zombies. The exact same copy of each other. Life would be boring. You probably wouldn't even exist, because everyone would be of the same gender and humanity will die out before you were born. Don't EVER take differences as a bad thing. Differences are what make you special, what make you human in the first place. Be proud of them! Those who do discriminate are really, just people everyone should ignore.

1. Overbearing Parents

What's worse than annoying siblings, pessimism, discrimination and the inevitability of death? Parents that have the means to place restrictions on your EVERY MOVE, and does so! I hate it when all your parents say are NO, NO, NO and NO. I hate the bazillion restrictions they put on everything we can ever do. The same thing applies here as to little brothers. Don't you just hate it when someone barges in when you want privacy? And don't you hate it even more when they somehow always manage to ruin your plans? It's SO ANNOYING. What's worse? They expect you to be exactly who THEY want to be. Not who you want to be. Who they want to be. Yes. I hate that. Limit of freedom is bad enough. Them trying to control who you are? That just CROSSES THE LINE.

Okay, I'm done here. Later~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Something Weird Just Happened

Hey there :D Ridgy2rai here. Random stuff happened, and I again got reminded of how fairly small the amount of views I get on this page. A big thank you to those who do view this page, I appreciate it. So I'm going to go spout off about one or two or four or six or ten weird (and random) stuff that I happened to find. Like, seriously. And here, in no particular order of importance, weirdness or randomness, are... random stuff:

1. Gold came from OUTER SPACE

Is that weird or what? Apparently, all of the world's gold and platinum came from outer space, in some massive meteor shower... That somehow managed to last 200 million years, about four billion years ago. That's just WEIRD. According to some guy, who happens to be the author of Death By Black Holes and Other Cosmic Quandries, (and no, I didn't actually read the book. This was from an internet source) all this gold on earth started out in the center of a star. Oh, sorry, I meant in the center of a MASSIVE star. One that's oogles bigger than our sun.

2. I only just figured out that there was a 'Post Title' text box
Yes, I am that stupid. It was so blindingly obvious. I'm stupid.

O-kay! Back to randomness!

3. George Washington grew marijuana in his garden

That's right. He did. I'm not kidding, you can search it up on the net for all I care. Although, to be quite frank, it wasn't much of a garden. More of a farm. At this point in time, marijuana WASN'T ILLEGAL. Looks like it's around the time that tobacco thought to be good for you as well, so maybe they thought that marijuana had some medical value? e_o

4. In Kentucky, there is a law saying you must take a bath once a year

No kidding. They're serious. In Kentucky, America, there is a law that says you absolutely HAVE to take at least one bath per year. That might make sense to them, but to me, I seriously think it's unnecessary.

5. I made this blog out of pure boredom
What did you expect? I made it out of seriousness? I mean, seriously, just look at what this is based on! O_O

LOL I'm finished talking.  Later people~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Okay, So THAT Didn't Go Very Well...

Well okay, next time I ask for comments, I've got to make sure that we have more than just a handful of viewers reading this *cough, cough* But I AM bored right now so I guess there's nothing wrong with making a post. Okay so apparently the ONLY thing(s) I could find to talk about were "wkwkwk" and "my experience". Unfortunately for whoever posted that second option, I don't have much experience in anything, whether it be life or games or sex or whatever. So I'm going to end up talking about "wkwkwk", whatever THAT means. And I'm probably going to talk about general interest, maybe, if I feel that this post doesn't have enough content. Like whether Julia Gilard should/should not keep her current position as the Australian PM or whether or not peanut butter and ice cream taste good together or something else that's weird. Okay, back to "wkwkwk".

So to put it quite frankly, when I started writing this post, I had absolutely NO IDEA what "wkwkwk" is. I'm pretty sure it's only some random meme used only by Indonesian teenagers or something, but it WAS in the suggestion/comments box so I guess I should talk about it.

Okay, so a few clicks lead me to the Urban Dictionary, Yahoo and even Facebook pages saying things which basically mean, "It's a laughing expression." Facebook pages seem to wonder what it actually sounds like, and from what I heard, it's just "wakakakaka" without the a's. Convenient, but I seriously don't think I'll ever be writing any of THAT down in a chatroom. It's just... weird o_o I'll stick to "lol" thanks.

I feel there is not enough content in this post O_O [play dramatic music here] So I had a look on Google News and guess what I found? Probably THE most random collection of news articles ever. Well, it's good for us, because here, randomness is a win :D Okay, so let's get to talking about the first article.

Apparently, George Lucas decided to change the plot of the Star Wars DVDs AGAIN. I thought it was no big deal, probably just a TINY little change... But when I actually read the article... I was like

Seriously though, it was a total WTF moment. George Lucas decided to change one of the key plot points in the film.  Imma make a direct quote from Google News now:

"That would be the moment in Return Of The Jedi where Darth Vader decides he won't stand by and watch his son, Luke Skywalker, be killed. In the original print, it was one of cinema's most poignant moments, Vader wordlessly exchanging his life for Luke's and saving his own soul in the process. But not any more. Now Lucas has decided to add Vader screaming: ''No! Nooo! Noooooooo!'' over the top, turning it into a cringe-worthy farce."

That is just WEIRD. I mean, what does George Lucas have to gain from this? Dude, you've already got kajillions of dollars, you should leave it it that o_o

Well, that's all I can talk about for the moment, 'cos I have to go eat. See ya's later, and don't forget to share~ Oh, and leave a comment, if you want, on what you want me to talk about next time, if you feel like it. Otherwise it's another news story to be written about O.o


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Stuff Is Random

Hey there~! I'm Ridgy2rai and uhm... I think I made this blog out of boredom O_O Like, seriously. Out of boredom. Yeah. I'm weird like that. Well here on this blog you can literally expect random stuff to happen. I mean, I'm on this blog, writing whatever, but I've got absolutely NO IDEA on what to write about. That's why, out of boredom and out of being out of ideas (OMG that's a mouthful :LLLL) I'm like, going to ask you guys what to talk about. Like, leave a comment or something. I'll wait 'til like tomorrow or something, then I'll start posting weird stuff. And I do mean weird stuff. I'm pretty sure there'd be a big disclaimer at the top of each post or something :l

Well, that's all I got. Leave a comment so I have an idea of what you's want me to write about. Kay then, byeee~